Do you dream of starting your own business?

You are not alone, many dream of taking the step and making their dream a reality. But where do you start?

Go to your local Enterprise Agency, or ”NyföretagarCentrum” in Swedish, where you can get professional and start-up advice, which is confidential and completely free of charge. After having met our advisors you will be well prepared for your new life as self-employed.

How does it work?
Together with our advisors you will work with the ”Business Plan”, a product developed especially for people like you. In this process you will define your business idea, your market and competition. You will also work with all forms of budgets that are necessary to be well prepared.

What we demand of you is that you have an idea that you believe in and that you are prepared to work hard.

Please note that all our advisors may not give advice in english. Contact an Enterprise Agency near you and ask.

In order to make an appointment with any of our agents in Hudiksvall/Nordanstig or Söderhamn, click here ››

Enterprise agencies/NyföretagarCentrum

Our advisors have personal experience from the business world. Most of them are, or have been, self-employed. In addition a broad network of local experts from different branches of business is at hand for support.

Your advisor evaluates:

  • your business idea
  • personal qualifications
  • the potential market
  • supports the creation of a market plan
  • goes through economic calculations and budgets
  • evaluates investment requirements and financing
  • goes through legal issues
  • insurance and formal requirements
  • and, finally, helps out with contacts through relevant networks.

In 2015 20 000 individuals come for advice. 10 000 of them started a business. It is vital that more companies start but the overriding issue is that they successfully survive. Only 1% (or actually 0,67%) of companies having started via a NyföretagarCentrum go bankrupt after three years – with 82% still being active.

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