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NyföretagarCentrum in Linköping is an independent foundation that provides cost free counseling for individuals whom want to pursue a dream of running an enterprise. We also welcome individuals whom are running their business during the first fiscal years.

Starting up a business in Sweden is a fairly uncomplicated process. But you have to understand that there are laws and regulations that apply, and that you, as an entrepreneur are responsible for understanding and handling your business in accordance to the regulations. At NyföretagarCentrum we provide you with answers and guide you through the process. But it’s you, the entrepreneur that have to do the work. Below, you find a shortlist of what you need to know: 

We provide information regarding all aspects of running a business in Sweden and in addition we have a wide network of partners that are more than willing to assist. You can even get cost free advice from experts at some of our partners but those meetings have to be booked through one of our councelors.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our counselors and start the journey to pursue your dream. To get a head start you can use our cost free, on-line business plan here and sketching down ideas regarding your business. It’s a good first step and prepares you for a meeting with one of our counselors. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. You find our contact information here and our councelors here.

If you need counceling in other languages than English or Swedish we recommend you to contact ALMI / IFS who have special resources regarding counceling in more than 30 languages. Read more about ALMI / IFS here.

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We do look forward to hear from you!

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