Please present yourself short and describe business and status in the process.

My name is Kaveh Peighambari, and I am the founder of MySay, an award-winning startup in Växjö. I am a former academic and a marketing strategist with years of experience in three different continents and various industries and sectors such as Telecom & IT, FMCG, and Business Intelligence. MySay is a newly established Startup, trying to disrupt the way people shop and sell in physical stores. Since the beginning, we have sought to understand the market, the need, and a sustainable solution. We have been working hard from the beginning, and we are not going to stop until the world knows about us!


What have been your biggest success and biggest challenge?

The biggest success is yet to come. However, the fact that many of the independent stores liked our solution, and consumers love the possibilities we are offering them were among the best moments. That being said, the moment I created a job for someone else, was priceless. Even though many might think that financing is the biggest challenge, I believe that shaping an organization is something that most startups ignore while trying to find more funding. Since the beginning, we believed that building a sound, yet flexible structure for MySay is a real challenge. Startups born and grow, but ”trust” yet remains to be the most vital element of every business relationship, and your partners, customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders will have a much easier time trusting an established organization rather than a ”person”. 


How did you experience the support from NyföretagarCentrum?

When I started to go to NyföretagarCentrum, I realized that most businesses who seek help from them are of a different nature, and closer to a traditional form of the organization rather than a scalable business. However, I decided to give it a chance, and I am thrilled that I did. During all the free sessions, I learned more about the business culture in Sweden, and that is very important no matter how long you have been doing business elsewhere since Sweden is your first market to serve. I always enjoy a deep conversation because I believe that is how you learn, and NyföretagarCentrum was a place of learning for me. I do believe if entrepreneurs humble themselves and decide to learn what they do not know, NyföretagarCentrum can offer practical knowledge that they will find very useful in their business endeavors.

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